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Who paints there butt orange????

I got the funniest or maybe sickest email today from my friend Kari! It said Happy Halloween and when you scroll down it is some persons butt painted orange with a jack-o-latern face! I know I am a bit off.............but I am thinking..........why didn't I think of that? (I am sure hubby would be up for a bit of butt paint!) WHO THINKS OF THAT! If you want to see it, send me your email and I can forward it to you too!

Anywho, back to school. Oh and Deb, MEA is a Minnesota teachers confrence when the kids get off. I am now addicted to free stuff from the web! (I only get the samples from the manufactures.......not the stupid ones that you have to fill out hundreds of questions and then complete the offer!) I have already gotten some shampoo and books! Whoooooooo hoooooooo, fun mail!

Have a super de duper week!


It's Wednesday

This week is MEA week.....so Brie has Thursday and Friday off (maybe)! I am so thankful, because she and Ryan both have a nasty cold.......fevers and all...........but she still has been getting the basics done!

It has been a bit cold outside..........so not much has been going on. Last night someone in our neighborhood "spooked" us! It is a really cute thing where you leave a note and goodies for the kids before halloween. I am still not sure who did it......but we are going to get a few homes tonight!

Well, that is about it!

Happy Wednesday!


I learned something new!

Today I attended the local AWANA convention.........and I must say I had a wonderful time! (I wasn't sure if it would be a bit stuffy........) I went to some super workshops..........but the very best thing I learned was how to craft balloon animals! How cool is that?

Love and Hugs,


Moon and motivation

I thought the harvest moon looked so cool........so I took my camera outside and just kept trying new things. I am really happy with the way it turned out. (Do you see the face?)

Ok, now I can tell you the motivation behind getting all of that stuff done! I threw a suprise party for my hubby and wanted to get the stuff done before everyone came! Thank goodness for my mother in law (pita) and SIL Jona! They helped me so much............last minute cleaning, serving food, clean up.....you name it! I have some pictures to post later! It rained up until about an hour before the party, but was a pretty nice day!

So now you now my secret, although I am going to try and keep up with some of the hectic pace..........I am making my sister a quilt for her baby and planning a shower for next month. I really do like to keep busy, but that was a bit much!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Hope to visit all of your blogs soon!

Love and Hugs,
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All in a week!

Stained the deck, got hit in the head with the ladder :o

Stained the deck

Taught Awana

My Golden Birthday.......Took Brie to gym class, Mary has no wedding cake for her Saturday wedding!, went to dinner.................went to walmart, bought cake supplies.........baked five cakes, crumb coated two!

Baked five more cakes, went to cousins wedding (three hour drive each way!), celebrated my birthday with my parents and sister, came home at 11:00...........frosted and decorated all of the cakes (five total, two layers each)

Went to bed by 4:00...........got up at 6:00! I went to the church, set up the cake and what was left to set up in the hall! Helped the BEAUTIFUL bride get dressed! Here is where it gets even more "special"! THe two ring bearers wouldn't go down the isle........so I stepped in and had to walk them down (Thank goodness I went home for a shower!) I had a very fun day.......but was tired!

Sunday: Stained the front porch, painted shed trim, went to my in laws for a belated birthday (very fun!), fixed a couch.

Ok, I also taught Brie, kept up on the dishes and laundry, and drank a lot of caffine! All went pretty smooth...............and I just got done cleaning my carpets today!