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The kids planted two sunflowers in the garden.....Tuesday night I had to pull them both down. (They got nasty) I took this picture sometime in Aug.

This pic is of hubby when he was in high school. On the 5th of October he is going to be 30! Isn't he cute?!?!

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9 Years!

Nine years ago today I was getting pictures taken before I married my best friend. Nine years, two kids, four cats, a hamster, some fish, and one month of a dog later I still kinda like the guy!

Love you honey,


Summer????? WHere did it go?

I feel like there was really no summer this year...spring and now fall! Ok, we did do a few fun thing, but all in all it just flew by to darn fast!

Brie is working on her math right now.......so I have a few min to blog. She does really good on math.......phonics is getting better for her. She got all of her spelling words right, so that is good. I still have to send a letter to the school distric to let them know that she is homeschooled, but I have until the 1st of October......so I think that I will send it in next week.

I get to be a leader at our church for kindergarden AWANA......I think that should be fun. (AWANA is a bible program, other than that I know nothing!)

I had a bridal shower for my friend Mary yesterday. It turned out to be a cold rainy day.........but I think that it was still ok. I made her cake........the first one I have done in a while. I will post some pics later.

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Some of my favorites!!!!!!

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My girl

Brie was able to get to the top of the rock wall at our community center last week!!!! I think it is about 3 stories tall.........maybe 4! You would never know that she spent half the summer in a cast!
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The boy!

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Summer pics

I tried to post these pics on Wed. but my server wouldn't let me. I really wanted to get a good picture of the kids for the Christmas card......I got some, but ended up taking over 200 pictures (thank goodness for digital) I thought these were fun to share! Posted by Picasa

Summer Project

We found this cool caterpillar (an a few of its friends) on my carrot leaves. It was really fun to watch the transformation! We have three more that are in the crisilis phase and should hatch any day!

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