What was she thinking????

Just a blog about my daily life, family, kids, cats. You never know what you might find!



Why on earth is it that every time I sit down to blog my left leg up to my butt goes numb! It is such a pain in the butt..........sad I know.

The project is almost finished. I am going to post it in a few days.....maybe Wednesday! I am so excited.......wish you could all come visit to see it in person.........and play with me!!!!!!!! (You will see)

Have a super week!



4:56 A.M.

Yup, that is the time right now. No, I haven't been to bed yet! I can't sleep. I have been working on my "special project".........pictures and details soon! Also, I took some excederine for a headache..........I haven't had any caffeen for months, so I am wired!

Gonna try and sleep now,
nighty night,


August already?

Brie had her baptism this weekend!

Ryan and Brie with Thomas the tank engine! Posted by Picasa


A few more pictures

Anna wanted to smell the flowers. Look at those cheeks!!!!!!
The middle picture was still at the gardens. I just thought it was so beautiful.
The last picture is for Dianna....at least they are safe here :(

Have a great Thursday!
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