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No these are not in my garden.....but I thought they were so cool I would share. I am not sure what the top one is, but the middle one is a double lilly. I loved the stripes on the rose too.

Have a great week!

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The top picture is the kids with our adorable neighbor Anna who is almost 16 months! She is such a cutie!

Brie with her pink cast! It is now off and she is doing wonderful and making up for lost time. The only thing I don't want her to do yet is cartwheels............what a mean mom I can be! Posted by Picasa

WOW......life never slows down!!!!

I had thought I would take a little break from blogging this summer, little did I know how busy things would get. I feel like such a slacker, but I have accomplished alot, visited some cool places, and had some time to just relax!

As I type I am making coppies of some adorable alphabet puppets for Ryan this year (he is preschool age, and although he knows his alphabet and the sounds that they make, I really want him to do some fun cute things. I have also cut out phonics wheels for Brie.............and now I am working on the craft area! That is a huge undertaking!

I am also working on making something for my niece or nephew that will be born in Feb. but I can't give details now!

Hope the rest of your summer is goes wonderful!



Krispy Kreme

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, how I love a hot krispy kreme! Yum. Last weekend we met Jayson's parents for dinner, and Brie asked Grandpa if we could go to krispy kreme. Of course he took her.........but I think Ryan had the best time! And he loved the hat!

Brie gets here cast off on Monday....although she still has some pain so she may need a splint again. They are going to do x rays again. We are packing our swimming suits...since that is what she wants to do as soon as the cast comes off!

Have a super weekend!

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I had to use a special setting on my camera to catch them, so it is a bit fuzzy.
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