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Haven't been bloggin'........on a mini vacation from the computer!

Hi to all!

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My parents took the kids yesterday for the whole weekend...........yes, four days kid free! I have scrubbed the kitchen, done tons of laundry, re caulked the bathtub.............just stuff that needed to be done.
The pictures were taken at Culvers on kids night. I thought the girl did a really good job!

Have a great weekend!

Love and Hugs,
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Thats about it. It is Tuesday.

Ryan tried to help me water the flowers yesterday......and ended up watering inside the garage. Nothing to important got wet.

I started a small fire in the kitchen........I turned on the wrong burner and there was a potholder on it! OH MAN, the smell.............we had to go to McDonalds for dinner! I think it took 3 hrs to air out with the fans running!

Brie is adapting to the cast......although I think she got a little attitude with it! Hopefully the cast will be gone and the attitude will go with it!

Well that is about it...........have a wonderful week!



Snakes and Snails..........and other nasty stuff!

I am so sick of Ryan doing naughty boy things! Today he went pee on our little slide! YUCKY!!!!! He loves the mud, bugs, all that nasty boy stuff, and I am sick of it coming into the house! Uggggggggggggggh!

My sight is continuing to improve.......I am so thankful! I was able to drive to Chuck E Cheese with the neighbor.....she turned 40 so I had to embarrass her! It was a blast!



Isn't she cute?

It was so hard not to take her home....but since we have the two already....I am still thinking of it ;)

I am doing better. I haven't regained much sight in my eye, but the nasty antibiotics I am on have decreased the bleeding in my eye......and the dr thinks that I may regain all of my sight in a few months (maybe years) without surgery. PRAISE GOD!!!!! I was so scared.

I truely believe I was meant to get sick for a reason! I met a woman who is having many of the troubles I had...........after being scratched by her kitten. I was able to give her some advice, which I hope will help her, since her problems are very recient. I am also going to try to work with local (and hopefully national) shelters, and pet stores to get them to give out the info on cat scratch. It really isn't a big deal at all if it is taken care of, so hopefully I can make something good come of all this!

Love and Hugs to all of you,

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it's my brother's fault

Yup the shirt says it all! Here she is, cast and all! And yes, she lost another tooth on Monday! Posted by Picasa


WHat NEXT!!!!!!!!

Ok, purdy picture, and then the news!!!!

I have a ton of faith! I believe the Lord hears prayers, and really only gives you what you can handle, but HE has WAY to much faith in me!

Friday our truck broke. Yes it was an old beater, but it ran. We had to go on Saturday and get a new vehicle. It is very nice, but not cheap.....I am going to have to get a job working overnights to help support our family now.

Sunday was fine, Monday good I am going to be an auntie....my little sister is pregnant!, TUESDAY........I got a call at 3:00...Brie has cat scratch! Not the same one as me though....which is good! THis one is from LICE! She has never had lice! What the heck! THey are going to retest her to make sure it was correct! 5:00 the kids were playing on the swingset, and Ryan got a bit to rambuncuous............Brie has a broken arm in two spots! One might be on the growth plate, we find out tomorrow when she gets the cast on!

I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!! I know God has a plan, and I will know why all this is going on right now, but it is just so hard. (I can handle being poked, ect, but it was so hard to see my baby girl in so much pain!)

Hope everyone is having a super week......and sorry about the rant.....just a bit of therapy for me!

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Summer Lovin'

Hi all!

Got some great news today. I do not have a tumor..........but they did find kidney stones. They still aren't sure what is causing some of the issues, but I am sure I will get more tests run.......yipppppeeeee!

Any whoooooo, we had the most awesome sky tonight, I took a ton of pics, and will post some soon! I have the bug zapper on tonight.....I know it is sick, but I get pleasure every time I hear one "zzzzzzzzziiiiipppp!" Wow, just got three in a row!

Have a super Friday!

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