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No, I am in no way, shape, or form pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do however think I am going through some sort of a nesting phase! Tonight alone I made 10 pounds of meat balls, 5 pounds of sloppy joes (both of which I don't eat) and cut up celery, carrots, lettuce, and broccoli. I also did a load of laundry, 2 loads of dishes and cleaned the kitchen. What the heck!!!

Today there was a grader in the back of us.....smoothing some ground for a bike trail! It will be wonderful for the kids...........and I think they are going to make a park behind the house! Yippppeeeee!

I went to Wally World tonight and got a ton of scrapbook stuff for 25 cents! I was shocked......since I tend to find deals like that only at Target.........which they are building about 2 miles away.............WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! I can't wait!

I have no news yet.......I will post as soon as I hear anything!

Love and Hugs,



This is the daddy blue bird.............soon we should have a few more, since they nested in a box we have! Yippeeee! Posted by Picasa


A bit nervous

Ok, got my lab results in today. I do not have lupus, or some crazy blood disorder...Praise GOD! I do, however, have some abnormal results that my Dr thinks may be a pheochromocytoma (a tumor on the adrenal gland) as well as the bartonella (cat scratch). My blood pressure is still really high, and I have to increase the amount of drugs I take for that......but it could be caused by the pheo thinger. I am going tomorrow morning for a CT of my head and abdomen, and should have the results of that next week.

Now to the fun stuff. Ryan and Brie had there well checks yesterday.....(not so fun) but they checked their eyes. The nurse asked Ryan to tell here what the pictures were on the chart........one was a flag. "It is the fag of the nited states of ammmmakica" I thought the nurse would loose it! He had to get 4 shots and Brie got 1 and a blood draw (to test for the cat scratch, just to make sure) they both did so good I took them to Walmart to get a treat...............or three!

I also have the most beautiful birdies visiting and nesting in my yard!!!!! Yellow finches, Blue birds (NOT JAYS) and Purple finches! It is so fun to watch them, and the purple finches made a nest under the deck, so we can watch the babies!!!!! (THERE ARE FOUR!!!!) I am trying to get some good pictures, but they don't want to smile!

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Monkey and the boy

I have no news yet.....thought I would post something fun. Brie is a wiz at the monkey bars, and Ryan is always on the horsey thinger.

Have a great week,
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Cat Scratch Fever!

Yes, I at one point had cat scratch fever (unbenounced to me!) and that is what could be causing the macular star in my eye. As for the rest of my issues, we are still waiting on tests. I had a kidney ultra sound yesterday.....after being in the ER at 1:00 am because my blood pressure dropped down to 73/31. ( I didn't know it, I passed out.......And Jayson made me go in) I now had 9 needle pokes......Not all successful, peeded in cups, and jugs. I swear, they must just love me and want me around! Monday I go in for an echocardiogram, and then Thursday they are hoping to have all of the results in. Woooooo hoooooooo, I just can't wait until this is all over, but it has been a wonderful lesson for me in patience and letting go!

Other than that commotion, things are going good around here! I have managed to keep up with the dishes and laundry (Yes, it isn't important, but I need to be doing something) and tried to keep up with Brie's schooling.
Ryan has learned to pump himself on the swing......and he is so darn proud! Brie has been such a wonderful help, and is learning to help with the laundry.

Have a great week, and thanks for the words of encouragement! I am handling it well.............but appreciate all the nice thoughts!


I have issues!

Ok, well the eye thinger isn't from coughing to hard! It is because my blood pressure is sky high! I have been in and out of dr's, poked, ect! Today I had to have an ekg, and I now know that I have a big heart! (No, not a good thing, but it sounds cute!) They are also having trouble regulating my blood pressure even on strong meds, so more tests are being run. All that is known now is that I have inflammation of the heart, and possibly other organs. This could be from something like lupus, kidney disorders, or lyme disease. I go in on Wed for an ultrasound of the kidneys and next monday for an eccocardiogram of the heart! What fun!

I had a wonderful mothers day! The kids got me the most beautiful plant.........and my mother in law spoiled me with gifts! I did puncture my father in laws head with a can of ready whip though! (HE got Ryan, so I got him!) (SORRY JAY!)

I will post soon! Thanks again for all the well wishes!

Love and Hugs,


Eye Update

Well, I finally know that I am not crazy! I have a retinal vessel occlusion with a macular star. Sound kinds purdy, but it is blood clots and blood on my retina. It is not very common, and only 5% of people have this before the age of 50...............so I guess I am special!
The Dr. I went to was very nice. She is sending me to a retinal surgeon tomorrow to have a dye test done to see where the blood is coming from. I guess this can be caused from some sort of underlying medical condition...............When I know for sure what it is I will let you know. All I know is that I am gonna be poked...............alot! (YUCK!) I don't know if I will know much more tomorrow, because she wants me to go to my gp for blood work, and possibly an internist.
On the bright side, this is not affecting my left eye, and with my glasses I do purdy well one eyed...........so maybe you will have to call me patch purdy soon!

Love and Hugs,



Not sure why Ryan wanted me to take this picture.........but I did! He is such a little drama boy! Posted by Picasa


just for fun

This picture, of my kids and there cousin Brooklyn, was taken at the Mall of America- in the amusement park! All of the flowers behind them are real, and smelled wonderful!

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My favorite tulip.........and yup, I grew it!!!!!! Posted by Picasa


Going Blind

I swear I am gonna go blind in my right eye! I can't hardly read anything anymore..........it looks foggy! Thankfully I got an appointment next Wed to have it all checked out! It is strange though.....it all started after I got sick, so who knows! I will keep ya posted on it.

Sadly I think that is all that is new in my life.

Have a wonderflisuperduper week,