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Watch dogs.......I mean cats!

Logan and Belle are watching to see if there is any lunch out there for them!

This weekend Logan, the one on the left, tried to eat the hamster..........while I was holding the little critter!

Have a super week!

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What's for dinner?

I am sure something out of a can! I am just not in the mood to cook........I really need to go to the store and just get some of the basics.

Yesterday we brought Toby into our house! Although I had sworn off any rodents..........I gave in and got Ryan a hamster. He had told me he just wanted someone to sleep in his room with him. I did make him earn it though!

I think that is about it, not much going on here. OH YEA, my tulips are blooming! I am going to get a pic of them.

Love and Hugs,


Cocco time

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Dirty nails

I think the nice polished nails lasted only a few days, but you should see them now! I planted some new shrubs, dug up some hostas, trimmed a few bushes, and planted some flowers! Man my nails look bad!

The kids went to my parents for the weekend, which was nice! I was able to get some cleaning done, and some organizing in Ryan's room! Unfortunately, Jayson had a fever Friday night and has had "bathroom blues". Sunday morning I got a call from my mom that they were going to stay a bit longer.............Two minutes later she called to let me know that Brie had puked! Whoooooo hoooooooo! I swear I am the Lysol queen right now! I even lysoled the toilet, forgot, had to pee. MAN THAT BURNS ON YOUR BUTT!

Have a super week,


All about me A-Z

Getting to know you...Getting to know all about you!

A - Accent: I don't think I have one, but I guess a Minnesotan one!
B - Breakfast Item: Leftover hot dish is my favorite, but usually cereal.
C - Chore you hate: Only one???? Windows would be it I guess, although mowing the lawn comes in a close second!
D - Dad's Name: Bruce Wayne
E - Essential everyday item: fun sox!!!!!
F - flavor of Ice cream: I really don't care for ice cream, but now sprinkles are a whole nother story!
G - Gold or Silver?: Gold I guess, but I never wear it
H - Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
I - Insomnia: Frequently.........hubby snores like a trucker!
J - Job Title: Mom, wife, homeschool teacher
K - Kids: two great kiddo's, a girl and boy
L - Living arrangements: married almost 9 years in September!
M - Mom's birthplace: Elbow Lake, Minnesota
N - Number of significant others you have ever had: One
O - Overnight hospital stays: A few.......two with the kiddies, appendix out, toncils out.
P - Phobia: I hate wooden sticks and spoons. They give me the willies!
Q - Quiet?: Not usually.
R - Religious Affiliation: Christian
S - Siblings: One sister, a year and a day younger than me
T - Time you wake up: When I get out of bed
U - Unnatural hair colours you've worn: reds....all different shades, lighter browns, blondish, just never black or any coolaid colors.
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: onion!
W - Worst habit: Picking zits!
X - X-rays you have had: Oh my, way to many to mention! You name it, I have had it done!
Y - Yummy: Chocolate, chickeenchiladasas (having them for dinner tonight!!!) kidney beans
Z - Zodiac Sign: Not sure..........Libra I think.

Thanks for the fun post dixiedarling..........now if you enjoyed, copy this and fill it out on your blog!!!!

I woke up laughing!

Most nights I have terrible nightmares.....really strange ones! Today, much to my delight I woke up laughing! I was dreaming that I was on some talk show with little kids telling jokes. Rosie was there to, and she was making goofey comments to the kids. I am not sure what made me laugh.........but it woke me up! What a wonderful way to start the day. Since it was only two I went back to bed for a while though!!!!!!

Ryan just pointed out on a map that we live in Duluth. Since he got the right state (it is a us map) I am pretty proud! It is so darn windy today....I might blow away! (THat is alot of "gurth" to fly!) We need some rain.....but it is looking so nice and green even though it is dry! I planted some tulips last fall and they are sprouting.....just leaves though, but when they are up I will post a picture.

All is purdy well around here, we are pretty healthy. I am doing about 85% of my normal stuff, so I am feeling good about that! I still loose my voice and need my inhaler, but that is so much better than even Friday!

Love and Hugs to all,


Brie and Miss Mary

This is miss Mary....the teacher Ryan is in love with! I took a picture of him with her, but it wasn't to cute of her!

I haven't got any cute easter pictures yet........the kids were up way before me, but I am going to get them dressed up and take them outside for pictures today! Hope your easter was very blessed!

Love and Hugs,
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Happy Easter

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I painted my nails!!!!!

Why are people so amazed when I paint my nails? I swear I could find a new form of power, the eighth wonder of the world, eternal youth, and the nails would trump it all!!!!! What gives?

This weekend was crazy busy. We celebrated Easter with my mom's family and then went to my in-laws for Palm Sunday. We went to the greatest church service, with about 50 actors recreating palm Sunday with live animals and all! Camels, goats, chickens, rabbits, sheep, and a donkey! It is just awesome!

I am gonna take a week from blogging to celebrate Easter with my family! Hope all of you have a wonderful Easter, and see you in a week!

Love and Hugs,

Hey.......this thinger has spell check.....whooooo hooooooo!


Whooo Hoooo!

Today was my first trip back to Wally world since I got sick! Whoooo hooooooo! I'm better, not great, but working on it.

Not much is going on. Brie fell today and scrapped her knee. She was only upset because she ripped her pants. When I told her that people pay good money for pants to look like that she was fine!

Ryan is obsessed with potty talk and "private part" talk! I am thinking this is a boy phase and though he won't outgrow it, it won't be the topic of conversation!

Happy Thursday,


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