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If only it were a dream...

I had the strangest day today!

I was on my swing outside, up on our deck. It was in the 50's so I thought I would get my lungs some fresh air. I was in my really cute "pie and cake" pj's and just a pair of booties and a huge blanket. Ok, so you get the cute visual.

"AAAAAAWWWWWWWWEEEEE MOM THERE IS A SNAKE!!!!!" Brie is screaming, crying.............thought it would be a boa! I look down to see what looks to me to be a gecko, about 6 inches long, creeping in the grass! Can I just leave the little guy alone? Nope. I go down on the wet grass, get a container and a little racket of sorts, and catch the little bugger. All this while the neighbor, who doesn't know that I am sick, and not just a crazy in my pj's, is looking on!

Got the little guy in, incased of course. It is a salamander. I guess they are really common around here, since there are some ponds a few blocks away. Anywhooooo, we did let him go. WHat a day!!!!!!!!

Oh, I did make sure to tell the neighbor I was sick. Hopefully she won't think that I am the crazy lady next door, and wellllllllll she may be right!!!

Love and Hugs............

All Boy!

Just a silly pic. Haven't had one in a while! Posted by Picasa


I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!

No, not the answers to lifes little questions. PNEMONIA!!!!!!!!

I have been feeling a bit crappy.....but I thought whoooo hoooo I got the kids colds. Nope, went into the dr. They did a strep test...neg. Then they tested me for the flu.......that is the most PAINFUL TEST! They stick a humungo q tip thinger in your nose.......both nostrils!!!!!!! That was neg. Then they did a chest xray and white count! YUP, PNEMONIA AGAIN!!!! I swear every four years I get it. It is much easier when you are not 9 months preggers though!

So, that is the news..............sucky as it may be!

Love ya all, and thanks for the well wishes,


He*^ Week!!!!

Oh man..........the past few days have been trying to say the least!!!! For a few weeks the kids had a "cold".........until Tuesday night when Ryan spiked a fever of 102. That morning Brie woke me up at 2 crying because her ear hurt. Well, I took them to the dr. and Brie had and ear infection and Ryan has broncitis. I have had to nebulize him every four hours, and now they put him on antibiotic, because he still wasn't any better on Friday!!!!!! My poor little guy coughs so hard he vomits..........I feel so bad for him.

If that wasn't enough I woke up yesterday and couldn't even talk!!!! I have been coughing a ton...and feel pretty WONDERFUL!!! I just can't wait for spring!!!! Today is in the upper 40's so I opened up all of the windows......I want the germs GONE!!!!!!!

I do like having the 'puter in the school room.....I got it set up that night, just didn't have time to blog.

Love and HUgs,


Movin the 'puter!

I think Jayson is a bit sick of me up late at night typing so I decided to move the computer to the school room. I have been reorganizing for a few days, so spring weather must be right around the corner!!!!!!! (I can just hope!)

I am hoping to have the computer hooked right up, but we will see, so it might be a while 'til I blog again, or it could be tonight!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!



Look what I got!!!!

Thanks sooooooooo much to my blogger buddy Melzie!!!!!! She sent me this coooooolllll ball of yarn for knitting!!! The picture really doesn't do justice to the beautiful colors......they remind me of cotton candy at the circus!!!!!

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My Little Jack-O-Lantern!

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Where did spring go????

Just when I thought the snow would melt, bam, 5 more inches!!!!!!! In some spots of the yard we have drifts that are over 2 feet!!!!!!! I just don't get it, we should have had this weather months ago!!!!

Brie had me pull out another loose tooth.......so now she is up to three!!!! This one was on the top and now she looks like a jack-o-lantern!!!!! It really wasn't even that loose, but she was determined if I didn't get it out she would choke on it in the night! OYe veyyyyyyy!!!!!!

It's almost friday........yipppppeeee!


What a winter!

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We hit 56 degrees and I actually went out in only a long sleeved t-shirt!!!!!!! Sunday night thought.......10 inches of wet, nasty snow!!!!!!! It was just crazy!!!!!!

Today the kids and I are getting back to our normal routine.....school work, house work, ect. I love going to visit, but our whole schedule is just topsy turvey, and it is hard to get the kids back on track!!!!

I don't have any fun pictures to post, but the kids are going to go play in the snow, so maybe this afternoon or tomorrow I will have something!

Have a super duper day!



At least I can admit it!!!!! I have been totally bogged down with tax stuff, running, fun stuff too!!!!!

Well, taxes are done.........and I am so relieved!!!!! I hate doing it...and every year I say I will be more organized. I doubt it!!!!!! Now all I have to do is send them in and whooooo hooooooo, a refund!

I got to go and see my friends in my old town. It was bitter sweet, since my dear neighbors lost a loved one last week, and I was to late to attend the funeral. It was so nice to see them though! There were many hugs and laughs this weekend too!!!!!!

Ryan Update: After spending the weekend with my parents "What the hell is that!" I had to have a little talk with my father about "potty talk".



I have been trying to update for a few days....all I run into is trouble. I have also not been able to post comments, but I have been reading blogs! Not sure what caused the problems, but they seem fixed tonight.

The latest "Ryanisim"

Ryan "Moma, i'm engaged"

Me "Oh realllllllyyyy. Who are you engaged to?"

Ryan "Miss Mary" (Ok, she is only 20....it worked for Demi and Ashton!)

Me "When are you getting married?"

Ryan "Tuesday!"

Now I am not sure what brought this sudden conversation on. He has been telling me since meeting her that he loves Miss Mary. She is the sweetest girl who works at the community center.....so I think the crush is cute.......the engagement will have to wait a few years though!!!!!




This is what our ant house looks like....although since we have only had them 2 days they have made just a few tunnels. I am still amazed at how they do it!!!!! Posted by Picasa