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We've Got Ants

When I told that to my mom she just about freaked out.......but it is a good thing! For the kids birthdays they got a really cool ant house thinger. (I don't know what you would call is, but it has a cool see through gel inside so you can watch them work) Anywhooooo, the first batch that came were all dead. Now that is a fun package to open! Yesterday we got 25 more....and all but one made it! The ants actually burried the dead one! Well, I was a bit grossed out.....but they are actually quite fun to watch!!!!!

Jayson got his CDL (Commercial Drivers License) after months of study and tests...........I am so glad it is over, and that his work is willing to help pay for it!!!!! (Because of new laws after 9/11 they have to have backround checks and stuff.....which total almost 100 bucks!!!) The kids and I got him a Culvers ice cream cake to celebrate! On the way to get it Ryan said "This is the best honeymoon ever!" I just don't know about that boy!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


Off to Menards

Sunday.....lovely sunday.

Ryan was up at 1 and 3........I can't wait until he sleeps through the night!!!! (He had growing pains and had to pee)

Jayson took the kiddes to church this morning so I could get some rest. I think we are going to like this church!

We are going to go to Menards today (a home improvement store) and get some stuff. I have a list, but all I can remember are lint traps for the washer.

Oh, the picture was taken at the science museum in St Paul. The stairs are musical...really fun, and gets the kids pooped out!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday,


Little Sis....and the kiddies

I really like this picture of my kid with my baby sis. (she really is only a year and a day younger.....but oh well)

It is Saturday, all day. Stayed up till 1 a.m. scrapping, and got 4 pages done!!! I am so happy with the results! I will have to post some later!

I am still working on my 4th scarf. I changed needle size and it is taking a lot longer.....but it is gonna be cute!

Have a super duper weekend!

Love and Hugs,
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My Knitting

These are the two scarves that I have finished.......I now have another one started for my sister in law.

I really enjoy knitting, at lot more than I thought I would.

This is turning out like most to be a busy week. Brie has here gym class today and Ryan had a toddler gym class yesterday. To see him attempt the chicken dance was priceless!!!!!

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My Little Hero

We had a pretty good weekend......minus the car troubles. It is so nice to be married to a mechanic!!!!!!

Friday was so cold that the car didn't want to start.......we had almost -50 wind chill. We also have an old truck for him to take to work....the radiatior went out in that!!!!! How fun!

My mom came for an overnight on Friday, taught Brie and me how to knit....I took a picture of the finished scarves, but not the computer doesn't want to like me either, so I thought I would post the boy.

Happy Presidents day! Just a note, George Washington's teeth were not wood, but hippo tusk. We read it in a bio! Thought it was interesting!

Have a wonderful week!

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Knitting Away!

I am so excited! My mom came on Friday and taught Brie and me how to knit! I already finished a scarf and Jayson went out to get me a bit more yarn so that I can start one for a gift. I never in a million years thought I would be knitting, but I love it!!!! I had bought a book through scholastic (a kids one) and man it is the worst book ever!

My bruises are healing, but I still feel them if I am bumped! Ryan has been quite a pisol this week, I think it is because Jayson has not been home much, and the weather is so cold we can't really go anywhere. Brie lost another tooth on Valentines day, so now two are gone. THey are both on the bottom though, so she doesn't have the silly smile yet!

Have a wonderful week,

I will post pic's later.


Angelina.....this bruise is for you!!!!

This is the smaller one that is on my leg. It is about the size of a softball!

You can all thank Angelina.....she asked for it!!!

Love and Hugs,
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Valentine's Day

Have a wonderful Valentine's day from me and my Valentine's!!

Love and Hugs,
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Cone Head!

All Ryan asked for for his 4th birthday was a cone..........he got one, but I never expected this!

Have a great weekend!


Oh..........I would post the bruises, but they are a bit toooo graphic! They are HUGE! Only me! Posted by Picasa


Organize me PLEASE!

Ok, here is the link to the website............


I had a great reason to get my house more in order last night!!!! I was comming up the stairs, tripped, stumbled, and landed on a shelf! I have two huge gashes, one on my bottom and one on my leg. I also brused my rib! Talk about insentive!!!!!

Why was a shelf on the floor you ask..................because I didn't know where to put it!

Make it a great day!




I am a lover of lists and charts....not that I look at them. THey make me feel as if I have accomplished something.......because I thought of what I need to do.

Anywoooooo, I found a great site that had tons of free printable charts! It even has one for being nice to sister!!!!! I printed off a TON of sheets, so I will see if I am more organized tomorrow, accomplishing all my goals!

Speaking of goals, I sat for a few hours this weekend and matched up all of my sox! I still don't understand why I can't throw out the orphaned ones though!!!!! I think I need a bit of therapy!

Love and Hugs,


What a face

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My good friends

Kari and Kurt thought they would be cute at the kids party and take there picture. I am sure they didn't think I would blog it........

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Remembering Summer.....

We got 6 inches of snow today, and this picture made me feel nice and warm!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Being Mom

Life has been a bit crazy around here, especially since Christmas, and birthdays. I truely wish I could have more time......to accomplish every task on my to do list. To paint with the kids. Fold all of the lost socks. Bake bread.

I am trying to do my best. Some days I do nothing but run kids. Other days I am on top of things. Today is one of the busy days, but I have to say I am blessed to be a mom!!!!

Love and Hugs,