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The Birthday girl

I hadn't had a chance to post this picture of Brie on her birthday......she is my princess! Posted by Picasa

My birthday boy

Ryan couldn't wait to open gifts on his big day. Little did he know that the big gift was in the garage.........a new bike! Posted by Picasa

Birthday pictures

Yes, they did share a cake........after countless of there own. This was at there frog party with there friends. Posted by Picasa



My baby boy is four today! We got him a new bike.....he outgrew the old one last year. He wanted to go to Applebee's for his birthday, so we went. He orders mac and cheese.........it is Kraft!!!! (I don't get why kids think it is so much better when you get it for 4.00 rather than .50 cents!!!)

We had the kids party this weekend. We got to see all of our great friends, and the kids had a great time too! I felt like a big kid......acted like one too!

Hope your weekend was great! Have a wonderful week!

Love and Hugs,


Ryan at the train show

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I've been tagged!

Ok, thanks to Di, I have been tagged, so here goes.......

Four Jobs I have had......
1. I worked a Michaels craft store
2. I took phone orders at a hunting/ fishing catalog
3. I worked at a local deli doing prep work and helping customers
4. For fun in Jr. High and high school I decorated cakes for people who worked with my mom.

Four Places I have lived.......
1. Minnesota............thats it!

Four places I would like to live.....
1. Back in Cannon Falls
2. Near a mall
3. In a cave
4. Disneyworld!

Movies I would watch again.....
1. Sense and sensibility
2.13 going on 30
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Dirty Dancing

TV shows I love
1. ER
2. Seventh Heaven
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Law and Order Criminal Intent

Four of my favorite foods
2. bing cherries
3. grammy's mac and cheese
4. kidney beans

Four Places I would rather be........
1. Disney world
2. Alaska
3. Sleeping
4. Hershey PA

Four People I tag......


Little Babushka

Ryan was showing my grandma his new coat........"I wook wike a babushka!"

I had to take a picture of him and the babushka dolls he was talking about!

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This guy is my brother in law Bill. With his help and the help of my sister we took the kids skating for the first time!!!!! I also got on skates for the first time in over ten years! Ryan did ok....really just learning to stand up! Brie learnd the trick to getting up after you fall. By the end of the day she got pretty good! I stayed up the whole time!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

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Almost 7!!!!

It is so hard for me to believe that my baby girl will be 7 on Saturday!!!!! She wasn't planned for........but she was the best suprise I have EVER gotten!!!!!
She came and my life has never been the same! Holding her chubby little body (she was almost 9 lbs......a healthy baby!!!) she needed so much! Now she is so independent, helping her little brother, caring for the cats, helping around the house.
All she wants for her birthday are "scrapbook things" ..........'cuz she wants to be just like me. (POOOOOORRRRR GIRL!!!!) I got her a book and some stickers, as well as some jammies. She is the first grandchild in both our families so she will get spoiled with toys and clothes, so I don't like to get her that!!!

Well, all is great here..........although I am really behind visiting everyone. Once we get into Feb it will be better........I hope!!!!!

Love and Hugs,


90% off

My grandma and I hit target yesterday.......just as they put the 90% off up in the Christmas isle!!!!!! I got some stay lit lights for hubby to put up next year, wrapping paper, two Christmas flags and a few other things for 17.00!!!!!!!! I did a little happy dance, although Grammy thought I was on crack! She found a few nice things too, and confessed that she had always wanted to do that! Whoooooo Hoooooooo.

Well the kiddies are on vacation with my parents for the weekend. It is nice to have the house quiet......but I should be cleaning, and I think I will soooooooooon!

Hope all is well! Have a wonderful weekend!

Love and Hugs,


Dino boy

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Slackers.......housewife addition

Well, I do have my tree down, but really nothing else has gotten done since Christmas!!!!

Now it is time to start Brie back on her schooling, and Ryan back to a normal schedule.........and it isn't happening! Part of the problem is that they both have birthdays this month. My baby boy will be four and big sister is almost 7!!!!!! I was able to make the first page of Ryan's scrapbook.......almost four years late.....but it looks really nice!!!!!

Love and Hugs to all,