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Flower girls

This was taken at my cousins wedding in Sept......I love this picture!!!

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Goodbye to 2005!

I know I am not going to be able to blog tomorrow.....hubby and I are taking the kids to the local community center for a party!

I can't believe how fast the year has gone!!!! I have so many things still left on my to do list..........go bungie jumping, climb mount everest, match all of my socks!!!!

Have a safe new year!!!!!

Love and Hugs,


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Santa Paws

This is my little Belle. She is doing WONDERFUL!!!!!! I think the little piggy has gained a few pounds.....thanks to all of the love and turkey!!!!!!!!!

She didn't mind the outfit toooooo much! Posted by Picasa


Sneaky Christmas

Why on earth are people so shocked that it is already Christmas (myself included)? It isn't like the date gets changed each year.......or does it???? Maybe it is some sort of consperacy!!!! Heck, maybe I am just a flake......and forget the days of the week!

Well, went to wallyworld yesterday, and got the big guy his gifts. Undies, sox, gloves, hat.....and a screwdriver set. Yes, he asked for most of those things.....the undies, well, the elastic only lasts so many years, and he looks like a plumber!

Love and Hugs,


Happy Holidays

Finally the tree is up, all decorated, and I even have gifts wrapped under the tree. The cats are leaving it alone, for the most part! I am 95% done with the cards, although I had planned to mail them last week!

Praying you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Oh, in the pic below....we were going to get some ice cream and then go look at lights. I thought is was ironic that Jayson was next to the gas meter......sans the I have gas! Posted by Picasa


I have gas!

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Ginger Bread Kids

I had a wonderful weekend!!! My friend Kari and her two girlies came up for the weekend. We went swimming, made cookies, watched movies and had a great time!!! Posted by Picasa


Finding Nemo

Really, no Nemo fish reside in this tank.....it is sooooo purdy though! You go underground, viewing them as if you were inside.

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Welcome Toothfairy

Brie has spent the past few days trying to get her loose tooth out.....last night it happened! The tooth fairy brought her two dollars (only because it was the first one) and left her fairy dust (glitter) Posted by Picasa


Tropical Rainforest in Minnesota!

This was taken at the zoo. The plants behind them are all real.....it smells soooooo good when you get by the orchids.....the rest, well, smells like a zoo!!!! Posted by Picasa


Zoo day

The kids and I went to the zoo yesterday. There is just something odd about 80 degree temps inside and 9 out!!! Anywhoooooooo, I think the gibbons (they look like monkeys to me) and the Lemers must have known weird weather was comming.......I have never heard such strange sounds!!!! AND LOUD!!!!!!

I took lots of pic's but I haven't put them on the puter yet.....I will post a few when I do!

I have yet to do my Christmas cards, I am such a lazy bum.....althogh I did get the kiddies picture taken of Friday! I should have taken them about a year ago.......oh well. I figure I am taking much better pic's with my camera and it is so spendy to go in! Excuses............

Have a great day!