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Rejected Christmas card photo!

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Hit a nerve!

Well, I sent an email to the swiffer people. Of course there product would in no way cause harm.......but my vet can contact the poison control for pets (it had a name, can't remember) I think in most cases it is safe......but my dumb cats liked to walk on the wet floor, and well who knows. I am a bit ticked that they just acted like I was overacting to a "email prank"!
I was the one with the crying child, visiting our kitty every day until she could no longer be with us! I am the one with the huge vet bills. All I asked was that they look into this, because it doesn't sound like the first time this has happened. (Look at the comments....Hollie went through a similar thing!)

Sorry I just had to rant.

Love and Hugs,


Swimming Laps

Today my sister and I took the kids swimming at the communtiy center. We had such a great time........although the "girls" make me a bit boyant on top. I also did some laps. It was sooooo nice!
Belle seems to be getting better each day, still a bit weak. We may have figured out the problem though. Swiffer wet jet.............the chemicals are harmful to humans (it doesn't mention pets) but I used it a ton before Annie got sick.....and a bit when belle did. I guess this kind of illness has happened to healthy cats before.....my mom's friend read about it. Of course it is just a thought, but I won't be using it again unless I really dry it after.
Gonna go visit now.

Love and Hugs,


So Scared!!!!!!

Doesn't he look like a lion is going to eat him?!?!?!?! Posted by Picasa


I think this is one of the cutest water fountians...had to take a picture of it! Yes, this was a while ago.....when it was sooooooooo warm! Posted by Picasa


Good Days!!!!

I know I haven't posted in a while. After the kitty got sick (and yes, she is MUCH better!) the kids and I went to my parents house. It was so nice to get to spend time with her! I also went down to our old town with the kids and visited some of our old neighbors! I really missed them, and it was so nice!

We finally came home today. I think we got about 3 inches of snow while we were gone, but it is the purdy kind so I don't mind.

Love and Hugs,


Ok, at my mom's I can only type in the title....weird. Looks like the kitty ate something......and that she will be ok. Thanks for the prayers!!!!!


At the vet............

We brought Belle to the vet..........she is still vomiting and having diareaha(sp). They did some blood work and an xray to check to see if she has something lodged in there. Both came back negative...........same as Annie! Our house is one big kleenex factory. I don't think I can deal with much more of this!!!!!!!!!!!



My Boys

I love this picture of Jayson and Ryan.......my baby (almost 4) is looking like such a big boy! You have to keep in mind that daddy is 6'7.....and really I only go up to under his armpits!!!!

Just wanted to post something..........I am a bit blue today. I am not sure if it is a holiday thing....or what. Belle has been sick, so we are watching her, praying it isn't what Annie had! (The vet warned us that although it wasn't something contagus (sp) it could be something they were born with.) Oh well........life goes on!

Love and Hugs,
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Brie loves frogs!!! My cheap froggie bathroom (Everything was on clearance!!!! I think the whole room including matching shower curtian and light plate were only 30 bucks!!!)

Love and Hugs to all ,
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More Before and After!!!!!!!!!!

This is the bath off the homeschool room....SPECIAL!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

The girls!!!!!!

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I am not sure if it is just a Ryan thing, or a boy thing (Jayson doesn't do this!) My beautiful, wonderful son has sworn off underwear!!!! He will do anything to get away with not wearing them...........and it is driving me crazy. (They are not to small....he has boxers and briefs, I have tried it all!) I have to threaten the kiddo to get them on........arrrrgggg!!!

Love and Hugs,


Frosty Here........

Man it's cold. Yes I know it is MN, but sheeeesh, it goes from 70-10 in a week. Crazy!

Love and Hugs,


Let it snow, Let it snow, let it snow!!!!

Yippeeee, we will have snow for Thanksgiving! I love the snow....especially when it is glittery..........like it is tonight!!!!! It just look like little diamonds were placed in the white powder..........you have to see it for yourself!!!! It is even nicer when it is warmish (of course it can only be so warm with snow!) and I go out for walks in fresh powder. It is a bit cold for that tonight, about 25 degrees or so, with a wind chill about 10!

Love and Hugs,

Congrats Di....you are in your new house!!!!!! YIPPPEEEE!


Me and my girl

Brie, Ryan and I were fooling around before we went out Sat. (Ryan is in the picture.....look for the fuzz under my chin!!!)

Love and Hugs,
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Your Questions....answered!!!!

Hey All.....
Thought I would update and answer some questions from the comments.

About Annie...the kitty. No, we never did find out the cause of her illness, besides the fact that her whole little body shut down (kidney, liver, pancrease, ect) The only thing that had been changed was her food, so I will never do that again, although the vet doesn't think that did it. Although we will never know why, I do know that she had the very best life we could give her. (Laura, the adoption lady at the vet, said that where they (her and belle) came from they wouldn't have lived to be a year!!!!)

Belle and Logan are doing great together. Today is one week that Logan has been here. The first few days Belle, the kind cat that would NEVER hiss, was a B%&ch!!!! Now they are running, chasing, and using each others liter boxes. Belle is also not depressed anymore, so all is good in cat land.

Sarah.....OF COURSE I SAW GARTH ON LENO!!!!!!!!!!! HE WAS SOOOO CUTE, REMINDED ME OF MY HUBBY! (Not in the looks, but in acting like a happy big kid!)

Di.....get some depends girl!!!!!!! Sending you your first card today....Happy move!!!!!!!!

Chase- Thanks for the visit. The pooping cat is from Joanns, a craft store, but I also have a pooping reigndeer (sp), cow, and well, I think I have a chicken too! Some people call them sick, I like them, and poop on them ;)

Kari- I miss you!!!!!!!

Hi to all that visit!!! I love reading the comments and the visits to your blogs!!!!!! If I missed a qustion,sorry! I am a ditz.....not trying to ignore it!!!!

Love and Hugs,


My Boyfriends Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooo excited. My boyfriend Garth is gonna have a new box set!!!!! I already ordered it in time for thanksgiving, yipppeeeeee!

Now for my fun Garth story............

I got preggers with Brie when I was 19, just 7 months after Jayson and I got married. (She was the best oops I have ever gotten!!!!) When I went in (WITH JAYSON) for the first appointment the nurse was VERY rude, I am assuming because of my age (she was much nicer to the other ladies I saw her with.) Anyway, she was asking me a ton of questions.......and then she asked me if HE.....my hubby sitting right there was the father. I was a bit shocked by the comment.....and not quite sure how I thought on my toes so quick, but I said "either him or Garth Brooks telepathicly !". The look on her face was priceless!

Have a wonderful day!

Love and Hugs,


Another day........

Really today is just another day. Lost the cat again....but we know she is somewhere in the house!
I feel very productive today. I got up (always fun), cleaned my room (toxic dumping grounds that it had become), washed the bedding, cleaned the bathroom, caulked the sink, made egg salad (YUCK...but everyone else likes it)and meatballs (again, I hate them, touching the raw meat, ugggg, but the fam. thinks they are wonderful!!!!!)
I am now having some blog time, and it is only 2:49. I have decided to make pork fried rice for dinner, and more laundry to do. Man I love days like this!!!!!!!

Love and Hugs,


Not Quite a Ditz!

I am sooooo excited, I found this quiz, and thank goodness it wasn't spelling. For those of you who don't know, I am a beauty school drop out! (Not because I wanted to, medical issues) And no, I didn't cheat. So what is your score!!!!!!

You Passed 8th Grade Math
Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!
Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?


meeting logan

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Lost Logan

I really must be a loser!!!! First the rings, now the cat!!!!! Today When I was doing the laundry I thought I would let Logan out of her pen (the vet told us to pen her up for a few days so she could get use to the house)......I put some laundry in the washer and poof she was GONE!!!!!!!! Hours went by..nothing. I looked everywere!!!!!!! FInally tonight I hear some hissing (Belle never hisses) and look. She had gotten under the surround for the shower!!!!!!! Calgon take me away!!!!!!! (FAR, FAR away)

My headache is MUCH better! We are going to go and read now.........bearnstain bears I think.

Love and Hugs,


Welcome Logan

The weekend went fine, besides the fact that I had one of the worst headaches ever.....still do! It was nice to see all the girls! We went to this little casino in WI (not my idea of a great time....did it for grammy) and I lost my ten bucks within min! (on the 1 cent machine no less!) but my lucky cousin put in 5 in the nickles and won over 200!!!!!!!!! I think I would have wet my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Logan is soooooo cute. She is about 6 months old and VERY furry! We are not trying to replace Annie, but it was time for a friend for Belle, and I think she will give her a run for her money! I will post a pic soon!

Love and Hugs,


King of the mountian

Ryan, Brie and Clayton (our little neighbor boy) were all playing outside. I kept hearing them laughing, so I grabbed my camera and this is what I found! Posted by Picasa

Girls time ?!?!?!

This weekend I am going with my sister, mom, grandma, aunt and some cousins for a girls weekend. This is gonna sound bad, but I just don't want to go! I have so many things that I can think of doing here, that driving two hours to a cabin in the woods just doesn't sound like a great time to me! I am gonna go, I think! (I am still not determined I will, haven't packed, ect)

I am now all unpacked, but I am still sorting and putting stuff away. I have to have everything done before Thanksgiving now, because I am having it here!!!!!! Late nights and long days, here I come!

Love and Hugs,


My RINGY DINGIES!!!!!!!!!!!

I found them in the garage in a basket that was suppose to go in my car. Someone must have mistakenly taken it and well, here they are! Nothing special, but they are mine!
The heart one is my first engagement ring. (I wanted that one, but "others" said it wasn't proper!) Then there is the little rock and the wedding band!

I am just soooooooo happy! I still don't plan on wearing them much, but just to know where they are..................priceless!

Love and Hugs,

Hey, If you want some candy let me know. One box is going out tomorrow.........but I still have more!!!!! Posted by Picasa


A bad country song

Ok, I am thinking of writting a country song.

I lost my diamonds on diamond drive!!!!!!

I think it would be a hit! Yes they are still missing, but I am sure I will find them soon..........I just thought it was so darn ironic I had to blog it!

Love and Hugs,

Jingle Bells

Every year about July I like to get all of my Christmas shopping done........good deals of course! This year since we were moving I am just starting! AHHHHH, Tarjay boutique (Target) was putting up the holiday decorations today. I NEVER BUY CHRISTMAS GIFTS IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!! I love to shop, don't get me wrong.........but maybe in September if I am pushing it! I have no gifts wrapped, no cards made. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Ok, enough with the rant. I went shopping today.....and please don't hate me. I got gifts for my mom, grandma, the kids, the inlaws. I am about half way done. I think it was my day. Maybe next year I will wait until after thanksgiving to shop! I am going to start wrapping tonight when the kids are in bed, and I am hoping to pick out the stamps I am going to use for my Christmas cards. Anyone who wants a snail mail card can email me hsmomjackie25@yahoo.com as I would love to send one to you. I really do love Christmas.....such a wonderful time of year! (As I type it is about 68 degrees....crazy warm for a Minnesota fall!)

Love and Hugs,


How are you feeling???

I have this cute book......baby faces and what they are feeling.....just had to post one! Posted by Picasa

Need Candy?

Ok, I made over 200 goodie bags for last night......a few pieces of candy, sticker and a pencil. I was told we get a TON of kids....so I only gave one at a time.................at first. I also bought a ton of extra candy just in case! By the end of the night some kids got 5 or 6 bags.....and I still have more. So here goes......send me your address and I will send you some candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (YUP, I AM NOT KIDDING!!!!!!) I think adults need a treat too...............so maybe this is just a first annual candy drive ;) although I am not sending anything out of the country (SORRY CHOCOLATE!)

Love and Hugs,