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Trick or Treat

The kids had a great time tonight! They got tonnnnnnssss of candy, and I think Ryan ate half of it already. (Brie on the other hand just got into the bowl I had for the kids!) Posted by Picasa

Homeschool room AFTER

Ok, I know the picture isn't the same angle, but you get the jist. I really like the bright yellow, and I got the border for 5 bucks a roll (EVEN THE HUGE ONE!!!!!) Posted by Picasa

Homeschool room before

 Posted by Picasa

Horraayyy for Candy Day!

I am not a big fan of halloween...........but candy, it is always good! I will post pictures of my fireman and princess tonight!

Love and Hugs,


Lost my ding ring

Yes, my ding ring.....not my ring ding (although I have only heard of those on Rosie, never had one). I LOST MY WEDDING RING and other ring from Jayson! I have looked all over! I am one of those girls who ((((((GASP))))))))) doesn't like jewlery. I never wear it.....not even my ding ring.....but I do keep it in a safe little box. Well, since the move.........gone. I have looked everywhere I can think of.

Really I am not that upset about it, but just ticked off that I can't find it. I am just about done painting. I have the homeschool room about 80 % done and I am about 75% done unpacking. I need to take a few loads to the local goodwill, and then I should be done. It is starting to feel a bit more like home, although I still have only met two neighbors. I will post pictures soon.

Love and Hugs,



Alas it is monday. I had such a great weekend that I am still coming down off my "high". I went "HOME" for the weekend. It was so hard to drive by our old home. The guy who bought it is nice and all, but doesn't have the "cute" stuff like I had. (A flag that I change with the seasons, ya know yard crap)

Well, my great friends Angelina and Kari and I went out for dinner......laughed a ton and just had a great time. I am now aware that I might have to purchase some depends for those kind of nights though!!!!!

Coming here was hard, but I am just looking forward to getting stuff done so I can get out and meet people..........'cuz there must be someone crazy like me!

Love and Hugs,


Online Again!!!!

Finally today I got the special cd in the mail to hook me back up the the net! I feel like I am going through withdrawl!!!!!!!

I have almost everything unpacked, and if you saw how much stuff I have, lets just say that I believe in miracales (SP) I am still very busy, painting and making it my home.......but that is what it is becoming. I have met only a handful of people..........I am sure I will meet more when I am able to go out though.

Love and Hugs,



We are in our new house, but I still don't have a phone and in turn I also have no internet....soI am at a cafe to do it. This seems a bit fun though. Moving went good, all the stuff is either in the garage or in the house...........most are still in boxes. The kitchen and the living room are just about done.

The kids are adjusting well, considering all that is going on. I think I am ready for divorce court!!!!!

Love and Hugs,