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It's going..........

Well, it has been a tough few days around here.....but it does get better every day. Brie is doing ok, thank you for your prayers and well wishes for her!!! Thankfully my great friend Kari took the kids yesterday so I could pack. I am still not finished.......and we move on friday! And yes Kari, today is my birthday, although I have told my family I want to celebrate next month.......so I am 26 for one more month!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the wonderful encouragement, and sympathy! I really have appreciated it...........I am just running out of time to blog right now!

Love and Hugs,



Well, I am just quickly updating. I had to put the cat to sleep today. It was very peaceful and she will not feel anymore pain......but this is a very hard time for our family.



Kitty Prayers PLEASE

Things have taken a turn for the worse with Annie, our cat. She has been at the vet since Wed. THe vomiting, that I thought was just the food wasn't......and she is VERY ILL!!!!!! THey have her on i.v.'s because her kidneys shut down, to flush her out and now is on antibiotics. Our other kitten is fine....this isn't something that she can catch thank GOD!!!!!! I am just praying that she makes it.......Brie has just been crying and crying..........she raised them since we got them a year ago!!!!!! Any prayers are greatly appreciated!!!

Love and Hugs,


No more friskies!

Yup, cat food! We have two cats...belle and annie. Well, we ran out of cat food, so Jayson went to the local grocery store and bought some cheap food. They have been eating iams since we got them as kittens. Well, I told Jayson I would get more in the morning, but he had to top off there bowl. Next was like something out of a horror movie. PUKE, PUKE, and MORE PUKE! We finally had to cage them up. They are fine now with there old food, but man YUCK! I guess I am glad they did it this week instead of next, when we move!

Yesterday Jayson and I celebrated out 8th anniversary. He came home home from work with McDonalds mcflurries. How romantic!

Gotta get some more packing done!

Love and Hugs,


The ladies in my life (my mom, sister and grandma) oh, and the drink ;)

More wedding pictures


I'm Back!

I still don't know what the problem was, but I am go glad to be back online!!!! I couldn't even check my yahoo mail..........what a pain in the butt!!!!!!!

I am still packing.......made all the calls today to change services. It would be so nice to just make one call.........oh well.

Loads of nasty storms are hitting the state, especailly our new house. I am just praying that there is not to much damage. (There are no trees to fall on the house, so I guess that is a plus!)

Love and Hugs,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARI........the big 30!





Hi All
Thanks to my friend Kari I am able to view comments and blogs, but my computer is going nuts....so it may be a while until I am able to blog again.

Love and Hugs,




Dancing Queens!

Brieanna with Adrian

The Ding

The wedding weekend is finally over......ahhhhhhhhhhh! It was very beautiful, Brie was perfect, and Ryan actually behaved! The cake didn't fall over, and almost everything went smoothly! I am going to try and post a few pictures.

Love and Hugs,

Brie and Ryan at the reception.......


Our future garbage man!



Brie is in my cousins wedding this weekend.........it will be fun. Can't wait for all to be done though. (I am trying to be upbeat, but it is sooooooo hard right now!)

I can't imagine the pain, anger and stress of the people in the south. I found out last night that two friends of the family are among the unaccounted for. I am praying they are well, and just unable to call home!!!!!!!!!

My love and Prayers are with everyone, that you are safe, and well!



Horay for Home Depot

I hate plain walls...........white, beige, tan.........its just me, but I don't care for them at all. Every room in my house is a different color, and most have some sort of wallpaper border in them. I know that when we get to the new house I am gonna just go nuts, painting, staining, ect. to make it my home. I have been looking online for borders........man they get spendy! And yesterday.............aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, my mom called me to tell me that Home Depot had all there borders for 5 bucks. I was there!!!! I wish I could take a picture, but you can't really see what they look like by the rolls, so I will expain.

The homeschool room (also called the family room in most homes) is going to have fish and dolphins on the wall. I found the 4 foot high borders that look like a mural.......34.98......for 5 bucks!!!!!!!!!! It will be sooooooo cute!

Ryan's room.....construction. Dozers, graders.......ect. It is especially cool since that is what Jayson works on!

Our living room, kitchen, and dining room are one big space. In there I found the most beautiful Thomas Kinkade cottages border!!!!!!!!

I had the rest of the borders........both bathrooms match the curtian (Kohl's clearance!) I have had the border for our bedroom for a year, just didn't have the time to put it up. (Again Thomas Kindade....clearance at a paint store) and Brie is going to have flowers, butterflies and fairy's. I think I am ready to move now. I want to have it all done by Thanksgiving so that I can have everyone over.................we will see!

Hope all is well!