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At the Zoo

The Hippo Song

Ok......I know it has been a while. We have had nasty heat (like the rest of the country) I have been keeping the house clean, and teaching preschool bible school. Actually I only taught 2 of the 4 days because Ryan was sick and now I am not feeling up to par. (The kids were driving me NUTS........I think the stress gave me a tummy ache) The have this cute hippo song....but I can't get it out of my head!

The house is still on the market. I have mixed feelings about that. I get more time in town with my friends, but I WANT TO UNPACK!!!!

Ryan and Brie played candyland last night.......Ryan actually played this time and didn't just knock things over....although he did try! The funny thing is that he won the game!

A couple of days ago I trimmed the trees in front of the house. The cute little neighbors came to help and put the limbs in the back yard.....so I decided to have a bit of fun with them. 5 cans of silly string make a huge mess!!!!!!!!!

Love and Hugs,




What the heck

ok, home again........had two showings last night, so I went to my parents house. It is nice and all, but really I just want this to be done! It has been about 90 all week with no end in site.......I am gonna get naked soon cuz this is just crazy hot!

Everyone is sleeping but me and the wierd cats, so I am gonna try and go to bed now!

Love and Hugs,


I was wrong.........but........

Oh, I think I shouldn't try betting.....'cuz the house didn't sell yesterday. I am not quite sure why I thought it would, but oh well. We have a showing tonight and an open house tomorrow.......so I am optimistic. It is so darn hot though that when I am cleaning I have sweat pouring down. (YUCKY!)

Ryan is just NUTS today........I think it is the heat.....but I want to tie him to something! (NO, I WON'T.....................yet)

Love and Hugs,



The house is going to sell today.....I am sure of it! (Ok....just in my head..but lets see!!!)

I am going to take the kids swimming again today, if the weather stays nice. I can't believe I am doing this! Me in a swim suit.......it is "special".

Love and Hugs to all my friends,



Brie and her baby...belle.

What a face! (Willy wonka chocolishish cakes........look better on his face than they taste!)



I think the kids and I are going to go up to my parents again this weekend. Ryan is being so naughty........ebay here he comes!!!!!! He locked us out of Brie's room with the cats in there........had to break into her window to get in! (What a pain!)

Have a great weekend!

Love and Hugs,



The boys

Home again, Home again jiggity jig

Yup, stayed at my parents again this weekend. We had two showings on the house......one a definate no, the other is a maybe. I just want this to be done! Jayson asked me if I am remembering to take my "meds"............yes, I am......this is the hardest thing I have ever done!!!! I have turned into the biggest bit&h, not sleeping, crying......I feel like a fool!

Ryan is naked.......whats new? Brie is cleaning up the toys on the porch.

Love and Hugs,


I did it!

I put my butt in a bathing suit and went to a PUBLIC pool. I swore I would NEVER do it....but hell, since we will be moving I will let them enjoy the view while they can!

Love and Hugs,


My little bunny buddy. (The kids found it in the yard......mommy came and got it about an hour later!)


Brie had soccer tonight....she did great! (Almost scored a goal!) I found Ryan naked in my neighbors sand box........and yes...she saw him, along with a few other neighbors. ONLY RYAN!

Love and Hugs,


Home again

I am finally home....the house stayed clean. I am sure of one showing, but I hope there was more than that....since we were gone three days. My parents computer has a worm...so I couldn't type in the box. What a pain in the butt!

Anywhooooo, THIS IS SOOOOOO HARD. I can't believe that I am having such a hard time! I know it isn't the "house", but the people and town I will be leaving behind. I am so afraid to make new friends, I just shiver at the thought! Well, I will get by, I always do.....and now I have my blogger friends too!

Happy 4th of July!

Love and Hugs,



Trouble blogging.....can't type in the box......only the title. I guess I could blog like this but it would be a total pain.


On the market!!!!!