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Bring it on

riThe house is going on the market on Friday......so between now and then I have to paint two rooms, clean the floors, pack...........yet, I am blogging. Oh well, I needed a break. I have primed the two rooms since last night, so I got a good start. Better go.

Love and Hugs,


My Little Krispie Kreames!!!!

Little vets.....Becca, Brieanna and Ryan


Yup, it is 12:15 Thursday morning! I just got home about 20 min. ago. Little Cannon (scroll down to see his picture) was VERY fussy tonight....so I went over to lend a hand. I think it was a bad bought of gas..but his little body would writhe in pain. I held him and walked with him for over an hour to get him to calm down! I am so thankful my babies didn't get that bad! Jen (the mommy) is totally exausted, and has very little help from family/friends. She delivered by c section...and is only a week and a half out! Oh well, glad I could help.
I have a ton of great pictures to post....tomorrow. The kids and I took my friend Kari and her two kids to the zoo! IT was sooooo hot, but worth it. We went on the monirail, ate some dippin dots, and had a picnic. To top it off we went to krispy kream so the kids could watch them make donoughts (my spelling is crazy...sorry) It was a good, long day!


Love and Hugs,


Thanks Ro! You made my day!


Ernie in the sand. (Jayson thinks this shirt looks like Ernie)


How much is that nudie in the window

The kids are home, safe and sugar high! I am not sure how long this manic time will last.......but I hope for all of us it is very short lived!!!!!!! I just gave Ryan and Jayson a hair cut, so they had to shower to get the hair off.....now Ryan is standing NAKED in the window. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! As much as they were missed I think I need a few more weeks of that!
The bedroom is done.....I will post some pictures later. It isn't anything really special, but since we are going to put the house on the market, we thought that it would look better if the wallpaper wasn't half ripped off! I love the granite paint! It makes a nice texture that really hides the flaws in the wall!
Well, I think I am more exausted now that the monsters are home!

Love and Hugs,



Update........I am full of paint....even got a bit in my mouth......not a great taste! I am almost done with the walls, with the trim yet to do. I also need to scrub the carpets, finish the yellow trim in Ryan's room, wash the floors, laundry, and yeah, eat some lunch!

Hope you are having a great day!

Love and Hugs,

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3 days

Yippeee. I dropped off the kiddies with my mom.....and now get three days without them. As much as I will miss them, I have so much work to get done!

Love and Hugs,

Thought I would post in brown..........my favorite color!


Welcome to the world Cannon Dennis!

Already a handful!!!!!!!! (NO, I WOULDN'T POSE THIS....IT WAS HIM!)

Isn't he beautiful?!?!?!

Where is Wendy??

Today I took my friend Kari to the dr. She had to get a walking cast put on. (She has lots of issues!!!) Anyhow, on the way home she wanted to stop and get a burger at Wendy's. Her and I were being really goofy....so she dared me to ask the window lady if Wendy was working today. NEVER DARE ME TO DO SOMETHING! I asked the lady......she looked at me like I was crazy, made a wierd HUH sound and then said. "No, Wendy doesn't work here". I thought Kari was gonna pee her pants.......but heck, it was worth it!
Cannon comes home today. I went over before the dr and put balloons and welcome home posters up all over. I am hoping to go see them when they get settled in a bit. I also got him the most adorable outfits at Target.

Love and Hugs,


Brie and friends playing soccer. She did really good!

Brie was all ready for soccer in her piggy tails.


Yippeee! Today I got my Rainbow Resource catalog in the mail. 1080 huge pages of homeschool "stuff". I have just started to look through the massive beast of a book........it usually takes me a good three weeks to figure out what I need for the next school year. I am doing good with the stuff for Brie......Ryan is another story.
He is left handed. Neither Jayson or I are...so it is going to be a pain to learn so that I can teach him properly, but I am determined to do it. If anyone has any good ideas I would LOVE them. (I have seen a few sites where kids were forced to use there right hand....I think that is just mean!)
Oh well, hope you are having a wonderful day!

Love and Hugs,

Just for fun


This just looks funny....although it is just a hoppy ball.


I didn't get to go see the baby.....he was getting his "snip,snip" done.
The toilet overflowed...........NASTY!
It has been nasty hot, with severe weather.
Ryan was so naughty.

Ok, Had to vent.......but I hear thunder, so better get off the net!

Love and Hugs,

Auntie Jackie

Let me say that I am NOT a morning person.....1am is fine, but 7am is just not for me!
7:00 yesterday morning I get a phone call. I had been in a dead sleep, and all I hear is 6lbs 14oz. WHO THE HECK CALLS AND STARTS OUT WITH THAT! It took me a bit to figure out who it was. YIPPPPEEE, my best friend Jen's hubby, she had her baby! She was due on the 29th of June...and I talked to her on Friday. ( I thought she was in labor, so I had to call.)
I told her I am not Miss Jackie....I am AUNTIE JACKIE to her kiddies. (She has one the same age as my daughter, that is how we met!) Well, I am going to visit the little bean pole today......I will take a picture for ya.
Welcome to the world Cannon Dennis!

Love and Hugs,


Ryan thought it was so funny that I gave the legos a bath!

Jelly Belly

Today the family and I went to menards to get some paint, packing supplies ect! As FUN as that was on the way home we were pelted with rain......I almost had to stop because I couldn't see the road!!!! Ok, rain makes me need to go "potty" so we took our exit.......excited the rain stopped and we were almost home. Strangely a little man was standing at a baricade (SP)...and told us we were not allowed in town.
A STUPID BYCICLE RACE!!!!!! I really had to pee.......but we had to park the car and WATCH THE RACE. The first heat (YUP....more than one) went by.........then the second. I was so excited, because cars came too! (THEY WERE THE ONES WITH THE BYCICLE HELPER PEOPLE!!!!) Ok.......I was getting a bit annoyed...........but then a jelly belly car went by. Now they were speaking my language! I told the police man that came by I was qualified to be in the j.b. car....and they could throw me out close to my home............he didn't think I was funny at all!
Well, 30 min later I got to go home..........but then I didn't have to go!

Love and Hugs,


Dress up time

"Evie's pionie"


I went and got my hair fixed today.....she laughed at me!!!!!! Oh well, it is done, and it looks cute.
It is REALLY hot today, so I didn't get much accomplished today. The kids and I did go and help my grandma a bit, went to cub.....boring.
Jayson has tomorrow off!!!!!!!!!! I think I am going to go on a mini vacation........minus kids and hubby!!!!!!!!!

Love and hugs,



Ok, it's Thursday. I need to shave my legs......but I'm not in the mood!
We have had some WILD weather......hail, tornados, you name it.....YUCK! We didn't have any damage...but some of our friends did.
Hope you are having a great day......almost Friday! I am hoping Jayson will not have to work this Saturday....I think we have seen him a total of 3 hours since Monday! I miss him (never thought I would say that!!!!!) and so do the kiddies!
Love and Hugs,

Another picture from grammy's........


The calm before the storm.


Fish out of water

Today was a good day...yesterday, on the other hand..........

I get a call...."HONEY...COULD YOU PLEASE COME DOWN"......so I do. I hear Brie screaming. Her gold fish "Fiona" is flopping on the floor, Brie is trying to pick it up....slipped on the water. Ryan had to see what was going on..........slipped on the water, and fell on Brie. I turned around, went back up the stairs, and went back to painting! (Hey, I deal with this kind of stuff daily)
Well, turns out the cat dumped the fish over, everyone, including the fish are fine.......but hubby won't ever stay with the kids again alone!!!!!

Love and Hugs,

The kids with their puzzle. (They didn't need help....yipppeeee!)


Darn Sissors

Last night I wanted a bit of a trim for my hair. I think it has been about a year and a half since I last had it cut. It was about 10:30...to late to get it done.......so I grabbed the sissors and a chunk of hair and went for it. I need to make an appointment for Monday!!!!!!!!!!!
I have spent most of the weekend catching up with housework and painting the bedroom......but I thought the smell was a bit much so I came down here have a bit of 'puter time.
Hope your weekend is wonderful.
Love and Hugs,

Grandma's wild roses

Ryan the grouch. (Ryan was so happy to find this old trash can......he hopped in! YUCK!)