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I GIVE UP!!!!!!!! Ryan (seen here with a bandaid....no injury, just for looks) decided to CLIMB OUT ON THE ROOF TODAY! I am so thankful we found him.....he is sooooooo busy. Besides that he dumped a gallon of paint onto the porch floor! As much as I love him....I think I need a break!
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I took this picture out the window on the way to get Brie. It looked so beautiful, yet ominous at the same time.
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Waiting in the window.....Lion King night!
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Lions, tigers, and dentists...oh my!

Yesterday Ryan and I both had dentist appointments. Me, got to have some fillings fixed, yuck. Ryan had to have 3 fillings....not because I am careless, but because his front teeth are (were) deformed. He did such a great job....even with the shots of novicane. (I on the other hand wanted to cry for him!)
I swear as soon as we got home my M.I.L. (mother in law) called. She was wondering if Brie could go with them to see the LION KING! (Yes, Minnesota does have theatre!!!!) Ok, I will admit, I wanted to say "NO..take me" but this is such a great experience for her! She has gone to see the ballet, and some student productions, but never anything like this. It doesn't start until 8 (her bedtime) so I hope she will stay awake. I think I will give her some coffee!!!!!
Love and Hugs,

I am such a dork....I just realized I could change colors!!!!


Ryan was beeing a little fart...hiding his head. Well, he sneezed, looked up, and I got this picture! YEAH!
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The BIG 10

No....not sports. I don't even know what that refers to! I was sitting on the couch watching the news, and it hit me. June 2 Jayson and I will have been together 10 years! WOW!
We met when I was 16 and he was 18...just before he graduated high school! He and a friend (that was smitten with my little sister) came over to swim. I offered him a diet rite (classy, I know) and from then on he was mine. (Come to find out, the guy who liked my sister told Jayson if he even looked at her he would be dead.) We were married two years later! (I will have to blog about the wedding from HELL another night!)

Brie, Paige, and Ryan. He found this helmet in the neighbors garage....they let him have it. THANKS GUYS!!!!!! (If you can't tell it is about 5 sizes bigger than his head!)
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Ryan and his "funny friend"
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Ryan and Daddy in Jeff's car at the Mall of America. I thought he would be scared...but look at that face!
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So True

When I need to get new "school supplies" I like to tell the hubby this...

If you think education is expensive- try ignorance.
- Derek Bok

Really it is so true.

Hope you are having a great week.
Love and Hugs,

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I came in the living room to find this......He is reading "Everyone Poops". I know, yuck....but he is ALL BOY!
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My Heart!
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Well, Jayson likes his job....just not the drive. We knew this was going to be an issue, since it was over an hour drive each way. After prayerful consideration, we have decided to look for a new home closer to his work. (We have been here 5 years....our 1st house)

Now I am painting and getting all the projects done that I have put on the back burner. AAAAHHHHHH! I just want to cry....but I don't have the time!
Love and Hugs,


Big Fat Lip

It is so darn cold today.....I think I saw a snowflake. YUCK!

Ryan got his first fat lip. He was running (I think because I told him not to!) and ran into a chair. I swear the blood was EVERYWHERE! It really wasn't that bad once I got a rag on it. (Thank God Brie likes to help....he would only let her hold the rag!) As I speak he is putting "dordent" on. What a kid!

Love and Hugs,



My silly kids.
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It's a dandy!

Today I decided to "pick" the dandelions! You would have thought I planted the little suckers! I now have 4 bags full and half the yard left to do. The blisters feel great!!!!!!!!
It rained tonight. I was hoping to see a rainbow, but no luck. Neither of the kids remember seeing them :(

Love and Hugs,


My "princess" at her dance recital.
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The "twins" looking for lunch!
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Crazy Horse

I went to my profile.........I thought it said "crazy horse"........YEAR OF THE HORSE! DUH!
I was sorting through my stickers tonight.....I think I might be a bit o.c.d...........ya think?!?! Either that or just avoiding doing the dishes! (Hey, I do the lawn, and Jayson does the dishes.)
Have Leno on right now.........he is a hoot and a half! I wonder if he is really that funny in his daily life. I think I will add him to my list of people I would like to meet someday. Leno, Rosie, Martha Stewart, and Krispy Kreame!

Love and Hugs,



Watching Supernanny......LOVE HER!!!! I have never seen her ticked off..........wow!
Jayson got a new job today.......1 hour drive each way! I am scared, but praying it will all work out.
We had a big scare today. Ryan came into the kitchen and was spitting out something bright green. He wouldn't tell me what it was, so I smelled it. Lemon-lime. I don't recall anything that smells like that, so I ask him again. He points to a package of unsweetend koolaid. I was so relieved I had to laugh. He is now stained a bit green. (I guess I will have to wait a while before I go and get there pictures taken) I think he would bathe in green water if I would let him! (He as gone as far as to color "IT" green!
Oh well, life is good!

Love and Kisses,