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I LOVE this Linus......the chocolate one of course! Ryan wanted to eat the chocolates!!!!!!!!!!! (OK he is mine!!!!)
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Mom and I took Brie and Ryan, and my friend Kari's girls, Becca and Kimmi, to the ballet today. Of course we HAD to stop at Candyland on the way back to the car!!!!
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Ryan wasn't playing with any of his toys....so I bought him some PVC pipes......his new favorite toy! I really hope he grows out of this!!!!!
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White Board Crayons

ok........not to bitch......but I hate white board markers. They are spendy, they smell, and they dry out. (Yea......I have ROYAL PMS today.......and NO CHOCOLATE) Anyway, when I went to the homeschool convention I found white board crayons........and they are awesome! I bought a few boxes, but I have given half away......so I went searching! Yeah....I found a good site that has them cheap! www.teachersparadise.com. I haven't ordered from them yet, but the site looks like a lot of fun!

I am going to get some chocolate before I hurt someone, or eat the m&m's that are in the couch!

Love and Hugs,


Belle decieded she wanted a little lunch..........no luck today though!
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Revenge of the chocolate bunny

I was trying to help Brie clean her room today.......man I have a packrat. (I am in recovery/ denial myself) I have found dirty soxs, my BRA (she is only 6, I hope she isn't tring to stuff), and candy......lots of it. I have been trying sooooooo hard to get my lazy butt back on track........until the HUGE chocolate bunny. I was SO KIND and shared it with the kiddies........but ate the rest when they weren't looking, and the worst part is I don't feel bad.........I mean her room was a pit, I was helping. I now have my bra on my head........think I better go and get dressed now........it is only 2ish in the afternoon.

Loves and kisses!


Throwing in the towel

Today had the makings of a great day........until I got my butt out of bed! I had invited my neighbor over for lunch........went to make baked potatoes, and the oven started to flash F10 and beep at me. No biggie, try again. Same thing happens. I call Sears. The nice lady told me to unplug it, 'cause F10 meant it could start on fire, and they will send someone out on Tuesday. I had to make rice in the micro instead. I give up! Our last oven broke on Dec. 24th. So this one is very new.....and yep, I can cook.......but it is really hard to make things taste good when it is nuked!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well, hope you had a great day.


The kids at MOA. We had a great day, went to Camp Snoopy, had dinner at the Rainforest, and just had fun.
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These are my babies.....Ryan is 3 and Brieanna is 6.
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Today was nasty and rainy, but everything is starting to get nice and green. The tulips are blooming, although only the ones that my neighbor planted. I think I am going to go to Wal-mart and get the 2 for a buck silk flowers and plant them!!!! I hope I can't screw that up!

My friend that I asked for prayers for is doing well. She is recovering tonight and should be home on Friday.

Ryan was really naughty today....I think it was the weather. I can only handle so much "naked time". I did find out that the reason he doesn't like his undies is because of the tag.........got out my sissors and cut them all off tonight!

Hope you are having a smiley day! (Smiley not smelly!)



I think my computer knows that I can't see. Suddenly my fonts are HUGE.........but I don't mind. I wish I could see it without the glasses..........maybe in a few years after someone lazers my eyeballs. (YUCKY)

I have supernanny on........she is really good! Sad that I watch that show to see other kids being naughty, so mine look really good! Really they are pretty good, although Ryan (3) has his moments. He gives us something to laugh about!!!!!!!! (I would tell you about it, but most things have to do with his "private area")

Jayson might get a new job........2 hrs a day of driving, but MUCH better bennies. I don't ever want to move.....not just because of my friends......but that is a lot of work. (Especially since I am a packrat!) Oh well, not gonna get my undies in a bunch over it.

Loves and Kisses!


Prayer Request

I know I am not a serious person......but I am tonight. My VERY good friend is having a major operation on Tuesday. I know everything will be fine, but she is very scared. Please pray for her, and her family. She really needs to feel our love and prayers.

Thank you and God Bless!



I just made a popsicle stick abacus..........not because we needed one (we do have a really nice one), but because some company sent it to me, and I just had to make it. It is really cute. Pony beads and popsicle sticks, binder clips and not much more. I think the dumb thing took me over an hour to make. I had glue all over.....but I would not be defeated by the little sucker. Now it is done.


Thawing 101

Ok, I am a total dunce!!!!! I think I should have directions on thawing a turkey breast!!!!!!! I forgot that they LEAK when they thaw out. I put it on the bottom shelf of the fridge........yuck. Now my whole house smells of bleach.

Well, good way to get motivated to clean the thing out! Of corse I have company coming tomorrow.....so I only have 50 things to get done. (Heck, I will just pile it all up and hide in in closets, nobody will know.)

Have a wonderful day!


What is important

I was reading Rosies blog and I came across this. I am hoping it is ok to quote her, this is just so beautiful.
"i missed six septembers thru junes chose to speak to strangers over the air waves instead of my own children in the back seat"
Yes, I homeschool my children.....but I am still missing out on the little things because I choose to tune out sometimes. Thanks Rosie........you opened my eyes!
God Bless all.......and go kiss your babies tonight!


Growing Up

Today, as I change pictures out of frames, I realize how she has grown. From a beautiful baby, to a toddler, and now 6 years old. She looks like a little lady. Wow, where does the time go?



I deleted most of my posts......why? I really didn't want all the proof of how naughty I have been! Diet...out the window.........for now. Workouts....who has the time. Sleep...I only wish.

Rosie has a blog......I LOVE HER! ( Brie still asks when we get to watch our friend Rosie, can't believe she remembers our daily date.)

Kari...you just like to cut my daughter out of pictures ;) Sure, it came that way. You are just bragin' because you can get the pictures up!

God Bless and have a great day!